Thursday, June 5, 2008

Foremothers Quilt

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Santa Clara Valley quilt guild. What a busy and talented group of ladies! Marie Strait was in charge of me while I was there and shared her Foremothers Quilt. I had to get a picture and share her story ~

My "Foremothers Quilt" was made to honor the needlewomen who came before me. The cardtable cloth which forms the base of the quilt was made by my great aunt, the napkins by my great grandmother, the embroidery floss was in my great grandmother's sewing basket and the buttons in my mother's button box. On the back I used a family damask tablecloth, slightly stained and well worn but full of memories. The apron was made from new fabric that I bleached to look old...and I know my foremothers are pleased!

Thank you Marie for sharing your inspiring quilt and story!

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