Friday, March 20, 2015

International Quilting Weekend at TQS!!!

It's International Quilting Weekend and TQS is celebrating  with prizes and free shows! 

CLICK HERE to be taken to the website and sign up for some great prizes and you can login to watch free shows for the weekend, Series 1-15.  There are some fabulous programs, great teachers and no end to the great information you'll receive.

Hugs, Cindy :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

YouTube Instructional Videos

Yesterday I posted that I added another instructional video for The Ultimate Stencil on how to do curved crosshatching.  I just finished posting about how to easily bury your thread ends...a great tip that was shared by GiGi Kandler in my designs workshop last year. 

Go to the home page of my website, click on the YouTube button and it will take you to my videos.  I am planning on adding several more way to keep track of these is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and all of the new instruction will be sent to you automatically.

Hugs, Cindy :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Curved Crosshatching-Using The Ultimate Stencil

I'm finally home for just a bit this week and I've made many promises to students that I would make up a YouTube video on how to do the curved crosshatching using The Ultimate Stencil.  I just posted this to The Ultimate Stencil will be the last one on the bottom.  Keeping my fingers crossed it's working! 

Hugs, Cindy :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Episode #1606-The Quilt Show!

Last November, about a week before Thanksgiving, and in the middle of a snow storm, I flew to Denver to film my second show with The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky.  Wow...  I had a wonderful time!  The filming took place in the Comcast studios and I think everyone felt like royalty!

In the show I have a great demo on using The Ultimate Stencils, using basic fillers to turn ordinary designs into something special and have great tips on how to audition threads.

Members of The Quilt Show have access to hundreds and hundreds of shows with great information and demo's.  If you aren't already a member please join!  

The studio was gorgeous and had lots of space to hang quilts.

I also loved the huge island work area for filming and demo...

Notice the "nun"in the picture????   This was the producer Shelly who surprised me in "honor" of The Nun's Quilt!

And here she is again getting us prepped to get the show started.  I want to thank Gregory Case for taking all the photos for us and for Alex and Ricky for such a special invitation to film another episode with them.  Looking forward to seeing you on The Quilt Show!

Hugs, Cindy :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Cindyrella's" Visit to the Palace

During my visit to Dubai, I was  honored to have been invited to speak and share my quilts at a family Royal Palace for a princess in Abu Dhabi.  I am not at liberty to share the name or photos of the princess but I am very excited to share photos that were taken by the royal photographer of our amazing evening. 

About 50 guests arrived for the evening and everyone was SO excited to be there.  You just can't imagine the beauty of the palace...the artwork...the staff...everything.

Once the guests arrived we all went into what I call "the sitting room".  There was a more proper name for it but it slips my mind at the moment.  The room was lined with these gorgeous red couches on either side and this is where the trunk show began.

I started my program talking about how I got started, but as always, had to show my first linen wholecloth quilt...this is the one that Miter ate.   Probably not the most proper thing to be talking about in a palace but it was definitely a way to loosen things up a bit! 

There was a huge desk at the end of the "sitting room" and I was able to display a few of my smaller more intensely quilted pieces here.  The special one of this group was "Cinderella" which I am still putting the finishing touches on.  She actually made it to the palace :)

My quilts were displayed in small "booths" with the name of the quilt and special lighting for each.  Wow.  Very cool!  The manager of the palace asked that the group walk thru the palace to each quilt for the trunk show rather than just sit there.  She felt it would be a more personable and a casual way to conduct the trunk show and she was right...loved it!

Afterwards we were invited to have loads of photos taken which also included the Princess but those can't be published.  She was truly a Princess...gracious and beautiful.  sigh....

Loved the fabulous glass doors at the front of the palace...this picture just doesn't do them justice...

And so the story goes...Cindyrella had to leave the palace and get back to "reality".  This is an experience I shall never forget...magical...amazing...very, very special. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Part Two~My Classes

The first evening I was in Doha I presented my trunk show and one of my guests arrived with a bag full of of PVC parts that would eventually become quilt racks.  I laughed until I cried watching this process.
Even the men tried to help...LOL here.  They DID eventually become quilt racks but what a very fun way to start the evening!

The next day was my Feathers/Backgrounds workshop in the beautiful "star lace" building.  I would give anything to have a classroom like this all the time!  Fabulous room and light.

After my engagement in Doha I flew back to Dubai where we promptly drove to Abu Dhabi for my engagement at the royal family palace.  We weren't allowed to take pictures there but a "royal photographer" did and I should be receiving those hopefully very soon.  As soon as I do you can be assured I will have a VERY special post about that engagement.

I finished my trip with a two-day workshop in Dubai where we focused on learning to design, thread education and feathers/backgrounds.

Many of my students were sketching as well as quilting and many were using the Ultimate Stencils for their designs.

Loved the work that was created!!!

This is a  photo of my students in Dubai...what a fabulous group.  Many of these ladies accompanied me to the palace for that engagement and were as blown away as I was over the whole experience.

As soon as the photos are released I will post the story on "Cinderella's" visit to the palace.

Big Hugs, Cindy :)

Trip to Dubai~Part One~The Buildings

I'm sorry for the delay in posting about my fabulous trip but I hit the ground running when I got home.  I'm teaching for the AQS show in Lancaster next week and my number one priority was prepping for that.  All the suitcases are packed and ready to throw in the car for the trip to the airport so now I can work on those second priorities!

I have SO much to share so decided the best way to do it would be to do this post in parts.  Part One will be devoted to the beautiful buildings  as well as  my trip to the Kempinski hotel in Doha for an unforgettable  dinner.

I visited three cities during my visit...Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi.  The architecture in all three cities is almost impossible to's best to show just a few pictures. 

I flew into Dubai late Friday night and flew out early the next morning to Doha where my first teaching/speaking engagement was.

This is the building where I taught my first class....can you believe this????  How PERFECT for a quilting workshop and I was inside this!

This is the ceiling in the classroom...

...and this is a "lace wall" just outside the classroom.  Oh my...right up my alley!

A group of us went to dinner at the Kempinski hotel in Doha.  OH MY!!!
Let me show you just a teensy part of what is here...

This is just the backside of the hotel and only about a third of it...

A picture of the lobby...

...and a picture of the inset marble floor.  This was actually a bit hard to walk on.  The worksmanship is indescribable. 

One of many vases...this is all inlaid work by the way.  Amazing.

Another lace wall out of glass...

These are tile mosaics out of 1/2" tile.  Just to get a perspective of the magnitude of these pieces check out the "little guy" at the bottom of the middle one...

And here's a close up...

Just prior to going to dinner we visited Maryla's home which is a condo on the 11th floor overlooking Doha...

The view was breathtaking and she even overlooks palaces at the bottom of the photo. 

This is just an itsy bitsy part of the amazing things I saw but I'm trying to be a good girl and only post a few special photos.  Join me for Part Two...My Classes! 

Hugs, Cindy :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Featuring Kathleen Rountree...Again!

I just got back from my trip to the Middle East and had a wonderful email from Kathleen Rountree waiting for me in my inbox.

She is a fabulous quilter and fellow Linen Lady.  She entered one of her linen quilts into the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Virginia and received a Judge's Choice award from Anna Hergert.

It's always nice to hear when a linen quilt receives a special award or ribbon in a show as these are still "new" in the quilting world.

Congratulations Kathleen!!!!  Beautiful quilt!

Hugs, Cindy :)