Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Elsie's Embroidery"

I recently received an email from Julie Sefton who lives near Memphis, TN who shared her beautiful wholecloth linen quilt which she named "Elsie's Embroidery". She completed her piece before she discovered that there were many others who had discovered the same idea of creating these linen quilts. I have copied/pasted her letter to me below:

The original tablecloth was embroidered by my paternal grandmother, Elsie Lucretia Race Walton. It languished in my mother's linen drawer for years (although it was used, there's a telltale gravy stain from many (!!) years ago). After my mother's death, the tablecloth came to live at my house.

One day, inspiration struck and I passed it to my trusted longarm quilter, Chris Ballard of My only caveat was that I wanted neutral thread and to be able to feature the original crocheted edging (also done by my grandmother) as the "binding."

The resulting quilt, Elsie's Embroidery, earned a 2nd place ribbon at this year's Delta Fair (entered as a non-traditional quilt, it was moved by the judges to the applied stitchery category).

The Picasa album for this quilt is here:

The new "home" for this gorgeous piece is hanging on the end of my mother's family crib in our sunroom (along with several other of her quilts that have been "rescued" - Elsie's Broken Dishes and Elsie's Pinwheels).

Thank you for sharing Julie!!!!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Thanks, Cindy for sharing this ~ I hope it motivates someone else to pull out a family treasure and allow it to take on a new life...