Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tea Party Quilt

I received an email from Margo Clabo from Cleveland, TN this morning. She is a member of The Quilt Show and saw my episode, #202, where I teach quilters how to create their own linen wholecloth quilts. She was inspired to create her own and I was so excited over what she did I had to share with everyone! These are her pictures and her story as they appear on "Member Blogs" on The Quilt Show:

I found this sweet little embroidered tablecloth in an antique store for $12 and thought it would make a good project, because my granddaughter loves to play with her tea set when she comes to visit Gram and Papa!

Like Cindy predicted, nothing on this little piece was perfect...not the stitching, not the edges...nothing was square, it has some stains and now the quilting certainly isn't perfect, but it's going to be a fun addition to the tea parties! (DH likes it because it reminds him of all the embroidered pillowcases his grandmother used to make.)

I happened to find a teapot stencil that was just right for this piece, and added some other motifs and crosshatching. The piece already had the corners embroidered for scallops so I just finished the sides. BTW...If you ever need really good directions for binding scalloped borders, I highly recommend Sharon Schamber's "The Perfect Curved Binding" tutorial in the free area of her website. Her technique worked beautifully! Margo Clabo

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Margo said...

OMGosh! It's such an honor to be posted on Cindy's blog, but I'm really new at long-arming and my quilt looks like I did it with fat crayons compared to the rest of them. Oh well, my GD will like it!
Thanks, Cindy for the inspiration!