Thursday, February 19, 2009

Asilomar...On my way!

A dream goal of teaching at Asilomar has been realized this year and I am leaving early tomorrow morning for Pacific Grove, California! I have 17 students from Friday thru next Wednesday where they will spend quality time learning all about machine quilting, design, threads, linen wholecloth quilting and generally getting out of their box! I have been loading the car for two days are some pictures of the itty bitty space I have left after loading everything. (Back of the car looking in...front seat looking back out). I have goodies for everyone each youngest daughter, Emily, who is a pastry chef, has prepared exquisite snacks. My oldest daughter, Jenny, (my amazing webmaster) emailed me today and told me to take pictures and share on my blog each day. Oh, and by the way, this is the ONLY time my sewing table is actually clean! Everything is in the car. :) Okay Jenny, here's the first blog with hopefully many more to come!

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