Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ricci..Part Five

I LOVE to do feathers and enjoy how they change when you start adding some detail. Detail work is so important on these linen quilts. The more you add the more exquisite they become. I'm working on some of the feather border which is giving me a break from all the little double-grid work in the middle and wanted to share how the feathers come to life. Once I did the main feather work I went back and added a teardrop detail inside each one. I am using Superior Threads Highlights #797 for this part.

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Unknown said...

Hi Cindy,

That is going to look so pretty. I sat and looked at your book last night and thought about pillowcases. So many things I want to do. One question - if a linen has satin stitch embroidery on it like the one you are currently working on do you stitch a design right over the top of it? It's hard to tell in the photos? Thanks.