Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roylene's New Passion

I recently received an email from Roylene Scoggin of Warden, Washington sharing her new-found passion of creating her first wholecloth linen quilt! I was SO impressed I had to share her story below....Thank you Roylene and I agree with you, this WILL become your new passion! :)

"I do enjoy machine quilting and have for some time now. Diane Gaudinski was my first inspiration in very fine machine quilting on a home machine. And then I saw your quilting on old linens and I was hooked. On this Damask napkin I followed the designs in the napkin and then filled in with my own designs. I used silk thread and a wool batt. I like to quilt with silk thread in the top and the bobbin (Bottom Line works well for this too). This was the first time I used a wool batt and although it was quite puffy initially it quilted beautifully and after washing had a very soft hand. I also decided to be brave and use colored threads to accent the leaves and roses. Then, of course, it needed some beading to complete it.

I live in Warden, Washington and winter in southern California. I visited with you four or five times when you were the featured quilter at the 2008 Road to California Quilt Conference. I just couldn't get enough of your work. I now have several more linens to work on. Who knows -- it may become my new passion."

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'd say she's well on her way... simply gorgeous!