Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a difference a detail makes!

My daughter, Emily, bought me a gorgeous linen for Christmas that has some amazing gold embroidered flowers and buds. I finally got this in my machine yesterday morning and started playing with some beads last night to see how it would all come together.

When I teach my linen workshop I stress to everyone how important it is to show off the work of the original maker. Stitching "in the ditch" around all of the embroidery is critical...lots of ladies groan and whine! On this particular piece I'm also adding a 1/8" echo around the embroidery too. I'm just getting ready to sit and quilt some more (my quilting time is between 4-6am) and I noticed the difference this detail makes and had to share with you! These pictures show flowers that HAVE been ditched and flowers that haven't. Look at how the flowers come alive and a perfect choice of beads in the middle of the flowers adds a great detail!


Fabricfaire said...

I do love your sharing of the linens embellishments! I really enjoyed your "linen trunk show" when you came to Konocti Quilters in Lakeport last week. It really inspired me (and others) to pull out all of mine hiding in the drawers,and wondering if I could do some quilting on them....stay tuned! Your book is also very inspiring!

Unknown said...

I also was at the Konocti Quilters meeting, and am now signed up for both of your classes in May. Yeah!!!!! /and it's really clear from your photos what a difference the outline quilting does. Your grid of blue lines has me wondering why they're there, but I'll probably find out in May. Thanks for getting me started.