Monday, April 20, 2009

More Inspiration from Karen Azevedo!

Karen shared her first linen quilt with us on a previous post. As I tell everyone who starts to work on these quilts you will become an addict~~and she has! I have copied/pasted Karen's email to me this morning and added the beautiful picture she sent. Thank you Karen and PLEASE continue to inspire us all! Cindy

"We've traded emails before when I started asking for advice and you posted one of my little projects that I framed after I saw your little one on your blog. I've attached a photo of another quilt that I made in your style. The center of the quilt was a pillow cover that I found in a local antique shop for $4. I removed the back and centered it on white sateen and then quilted and beaded it. I'm really liking it. I've been told to submit it to shows - don't know that I will, except for our local county fair, but the compliments are flattering.

I don't know if you are a member or follow MQResource but there are lots and lots of quilters there, short, mid and longarmers. I posted some pics of this quilt there with your name in the post as inspiration. I guess several of the ladies took your class at MQX after seeing the post. Here's a couple of quotes from a couple of posts:

"Fantastic. This post encouraged me to sign up for her trunk show class at MQX. Cindy is wonderful teacher and great quilter. I would love to take more classes from her."

"What a lovely wholecloth!! Karen, that is so pretty and the beading is sure to add to the beauty!

I had a student in my quilt whisperer class (Debbie in Chico) who knows Cindy and hangs out with her. I bet she would LOVE to see your wholecloth. "

Sounds like MQX was a big success.

Thanks again for your inspiration. I'm having lots of fun dreaming about what doily to use next, which pillowcase, etc. My mom even went through her things and sent me a bunch to work with for her. She said "no hurry" but she is 80 so I'd better not wait too long. Too bad I can't do this full-time!!! Take care."

Karen Azevedo

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Unknown said...

Cindy - you are so sweet to post this. I'm not kidding when I say I have doilies all over my sewing room, table runners, pillowcases, etc. just waiting for their turn to be quilted. Do I really have to work outside the home too? Hear me whine......