Sunday, May 10, 2009

Backgrounds-Double Grid & Cathedral Window

I started Mother's Day at 4 am at my most favorite place in the front of my sewing machine, under a beautiful quilt with a really good cup of coffee!

I haven't written a new post for awhile as I have been very focused on getting this quilt done and also working on a new venture that I will be sharing with everyone soon. I don't know about the rest of you, but some quilts "talk" to me when I'm working on them and this is one of those very special ones. My daughter Emily bought me this old linen for Christmas and I have enjoyed every moment of its creation. While I was working on some background quilting this morning I got caught up in how the quilting continues to change it. Something as simple as gridwork and cathedral window can make such a huge difference in making a piece come alive.

I love doing a background technique I call "double gridwork". The sample I am showing above starts out as 1/2" grid. I then go back and divide it in half again in both directions. It provides a beautiful background design that is easily executed. For those of "creatively pieced" quilts this is a good choice of background design to hide the creativity. I also love to take the gridwork and turn it into cathedral window. You can use your marked gridwork lines as a guideline for the windows and NOT stitch them OR you can stitch those lines to add an extra detail as I have done here. Of course I had to add itty bitty scribbling in the middle of the windows to add even more pop.

Happy Mother's Day everyone and check back soon...I'll have some fun new information on my newest inspiration and project. Cindy :)


Anonymous said...

I love the intricacy of your designs. Do you use a LongArm as well? I have ideas of what I want to quilt, but I can't get the ideas to my hands . . . lol. You have such a beautiful talent.

Carla said...

I love this background. I did something similar, but your fill takes it over the top! Thanks for the inspiration!