Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Dress Quilt from Lisa Calle

When I taught at MQX this year, Lisa Calle was in my trunk show class. She emailed me today with pictures of a special wedding dress quilt she gave me bumps and I had to share with the rest of you. Amazing quilting on a very special heirloom. Thank you for sharing Lisa! Here is her letter to me~

My grandmother passed away about 2 years ago. I presented this quilt to my mother shortly afterward. The center of the quilt is made with my grandmother’s dress. The corner blocks were made from my dress with some of my mother’s lace flowers on top and with my sister’s dress as the border. Each of our initials are in the borders. I used Superior metallic thread. It was a bittersweet quilt to work on. Although my grandmother was 92 when she passed away, we all miss her.


karen said...

Lisa - What a memory to work on. It's beautiful and I'm sure it's full of love. You can just see it.

Kim S said...

I remember when Lisa first made this quilt and posted it on one of the forums that I belong to. It's absolutely amazing!!! Every since then I've been thinking about doing something similar with my own dress. I don't have anyone to pass it down to and it's just packed away in a closet...