Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy Linen Quilt-Revisited

It seems like months ago that I first shared my Crazy Linen Quilt with you. Well, I'm still working on it but I'm getting closer to getting it completed. There has been so much interest in this piece I now have two fully booked classes and am working hard on writing the handbook for the class. This handbook will be one of the publications I will be offering this fall as part of the Linen Ladies Collection.

One thing I've learned is that this type of project is NOT done quickly! It's two steps step, sometimes three...back. I've changed and added many things. At first I wanted this to be a sampling of linens, textures and colors. But then it became personal. I added pictures printed on fabric and used doilies as their frames...Gotta have those daughters, granddaughters and that very special husband of 33 years. I added a special sand dollar that was collected on an early morning walk at the beach...Grandma Julie's last trip to the ocean...a special, unforgettable weekend for just the two of us. A porcelain angel given to me by a very dear friend, Goldie Olson. I have a passion for angels and am grateful for the overtime duty they provide keeping me safe. The cameo that was bought many years ago while my daughters were young with a bird...I have a thing about birds too! And the little purse with a special message hidden of my favorite quotes...Mine!

"Take the time to quilt something beautiful. Your work will speak to generations to come about your passion for quilting and give your quilt a voice to speak to those who choose to listen".
Hugs, Cindy

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