Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crazy Quilters

I have been sharing my Crazy Linen Quilt with you over the past few months and now I have the pleasure of sharing my Crazy Linen Quilters! My students have enjoyed watching me create my piece and had to twist my arm just a little bit to start teaching a class on how to do this. These are pictures of my first official Crazy Linen Quilt class.

Each person brought her own stash of treasures and I brought two tubs of goodies to share. The classroom was completely trashed by the end of the day and it looked like a glorified garage sale/flea market!

I'm very proud to say that each person went home with an amazing piece. Each one was unique and personal and there were no two alike. They will spend the next few months or so embellishing their pieces with beads, embroidery, jewelery and then finishing off the backs.

I am working on the back of my piece at the is turning out beautiful and once done I will share that with you too!

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