Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good things DO come in small packages!

For the past year or so I've been trying my hand at miniature whole cloth pieces and have fallen in love! I have always loved detail work and doing something detailed AND doing it veeerrrry small is definitely a challenge. I always emphasize to my students to breathe and blink while they are machine quilting but that is something you DON'T do when doing the little stuff!

I hostess four quilting retreats a year in McCloud,California (check out the "Retreat" section of my website). As part of the weekend I always have prize drawings. On the last day I have a Grand Prize drawing which has traditionally been one of my framed miniature pieces. I have a retreat coming up next weekend and needed to get this done. I took pictures as I went so you could see the process...

I scoured through my Dover books and found this amazing illustration...sized it on my computer...traced it on my light table and spent about 3-4 hours quilting it. I used a Microtex Sharp 60/8 and Superior Threads' Bottom Line thread. The illustrations show the flower being created and the leaves being sketched in. I then went over everything again adding some shadow to the petals, stitching the leaves again to add more depth and then adding the itty bitty scribbling in the background to provide the shadow.

After the washing and drying to remove the blue marking pen I put it in the frame to enjoy for a week before giving it away.

I thoroughly enjoy doing the miniatures as they challenge me so much. I need to sit down some time and do one to keep for myself!

P.S: This piece measures 4 1/2" square. :)


Amanda Sevall said...

Wow! That is so COOL!!! I want one! I doubt I have the patience to make one :)

antique quilter said...

wow am I ever impressed.
that is just beautiful.
4 1/2 inches, did I really read that right????
AMAZING is the word that i just said at least 10 times as I looked at the pictures
it will be treasured by some lucky winner I am sure.

Emily said...

You should put something up next to it to show how small it is...(dollar bill, business card) doesn't look 4 inches it looks about 10. When do I get one? :)