Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Fabulous Four

When I teach my classes I talk about the four main areas to check when you are having thread issues in your machine...I call these tips "The Fabulous Four". If you follow these guidelines 95% of the time your trouble will be solved. I thought this would be a great thing to offer to my readers. Click here to go to my home page and click on the "Collections" Button and the link is there...just click and print!

I've been busy this week getting ready to fly to Dallas, TX tomorrow for a speaking engagement and also working on my silk wholecloth. There are some quilts you just LOVE to work on and this is one of them although the progress is slow...maybe it's because I add so many details? I made a trip to the bead store and found a beautiful opalescent goldish bead to add to the cathedral windows. If you haven't heard my beading tip...take wide masking tape and wrap it around your hand sticky side out. Sprinkle your beads to the tape and you can then tack the tape with your beads on it to the quilt...simply pick the beads off the tape! This is my hand project on the plane tomorrow.

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Karen Azevedo said...

Oh my gosh Cindy, I hope you'll post a picture of the whole thing when you are done. It's looking magnificant.