Monday, December 28, 2009

Feathered Crystals-Big and Small

On top of everything else I have been busy trying to get some projects done for my upcoming engagement in Lake Havasu next week. The Feathered Crystals wholecloth is for all purposes done...I have five more sections to bead and the clipping on the back to finish up. I sure wish my little digital camera could capture just how pretty this one has turned out.

I have also been busy creating a portfolio of all of my miniature wholecloth pieces so I can take them with me in a binder to my engagements. I thought it would be cool to create a miniature of the Feathered Crystals and it turned out great! This will be added to my collection of pieces for sale.

As I am creating these new wholecloth pieces I am also creating handbooks so that you too can create your own. The Feathered Crystals handbook will be available for sale in my "Classroom Collection" within the week. It's written, I just have to put the final editing touches on it. Each wholecloth handbook will have several different variations using the same designs, step-by-step instructions and photos of the designing and quilting process. To view the other handbooks that are currently for sale please click here


Amanda Sevall said...

These are gorgeous!! I loved the one you made for Grandma Joan. :) The pictures just don't do them justice!!

Elspeth said...

This wholecloth quilting is just superb. I have just stumbled across your blog, and must say congratulations on such fine work. I love everything you do.


Quilt Inspiration said...

Your work is so lovely ! We think that "Feathered Crystals" is truly a work of intricate beauty. Thank you for allowing us to feature it on our blog http//

Best wishes from Marina and Daryl at Quilt Inspiration