Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pillowcase Quilt...Part Two

When I first got started, I marked my design on the pillowcase with a blue Mark B Gone pen. I cut my batting, Quilters Dream cotton, about 1/4" smaller than the pillowcase and pushed the batting into the center of the pillowcase and smoothed it out. I pin and straight basted with Vanish Lite. I quilted my main feathers with Superior Threads' Nature Colors in a seafoam green and added a white Highlights for the whispies in the middle. The scribbling, pebbling and free-form feathers were done in Bottom Line so I could get the finer details.

The bottom of this particular pillowcase had a beautiful inset of Irish Crochet. I wanted to highlight that so before I even marked/basted this together I folded a piece of Kaufmann's Radiance fabric and stitched it to the inside of the crochet. This made a beautiful soft backdrop of sorts to highlight the crochet. When it came time to quilt this part I trimmed my batting to the exact bottom edge of the Radiance, hand-basted the fabric down and then added my free-form feathering. The crochet was then tacked down with fresh water pearls. I had trouble with the Irish crocheted flower petals curling up so I had to go in and tack down each petal with a stitch to make them lay flat.

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