Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Handbooks Available!

As promised my newly written handbooks are finally available for purchase. I was very busy rewriting them all in December and Jenny and I got them downloaded on my website this morning. You can find them in the "Handbooks" section of my website or CLICK HERE to be taken directly there. I have made several changes with regard to how they are being sold...

A new CD was created featuring Beginning Feathers and Backgrounds which turned out great.

I have created two new "Collections CD's" which groups together several handbooks which complement each other and makes it more economical for you to get more information.

I am starting to rewrite my "Linen Wholecloth Quilts" and it should be ready for purchase in the next couple weeks. It will be sold as a "Collection CD" as I will be including SO much information with it. For those of you that purchased updates to this particular handbook...please be patient. You will be the first ones to receive it!

I will also be adding a new CD, "My Quilts Have Stories to Tell" in the near future which will feature photos and the stories of my quilts...many of which you haven't seen. I only travel with a few of my quilts so this should be fun! I have documented many of my quilts as they have been created and those photos will be included on the CD too.

Since I update and rewrite my handbooks each year I offer yearly updates for an additional one-time charge of $10 which covers my time to do this. This is paid for separately and is available at the bottom of the Handbooks page.

Thank you! Hugs, Cindy :)

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