Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Designs Workshop-Superior Threads Education Center

I flew out to St. George, Utah on Monday to teach my Designs Workshop at the Superior Threads Education Center. The workshop started yesterday with an amazing group of 20 students from all over the United States. The workshop started with my Open Thread Bar workshop in the morning and then the afternoon was spent learning "The Basic Three" designs. Everyone learned how to fill awkward spaces with these shapes while learning how to use all different types of threads in both the top and bobbin of their machine. I was amazed at how beautiful these pieces turned out!

Today my students learned the basic elements of design, medallions, repetitive designs, how to layer, create dimension, create movement, etc. They made a baby step by designing a smaller piece and tomorrow they will make the giant leap and design and work on their sampler projects. More lessons on filling spaces with free-form feathers, how to divide and conquer and simple backgrounds will also be taught. Everyone sort of dribbled out at the end of the day from mental exhaustion! It's a sign of a good class :)

I've really enjoyed teaching my extended workshops, including my Beginner's 3-day workshop, as I am not really tied into a store or guild schedule...I get to spend as much time as I can with each person which is very important. This class has been especially cool because we have the entire Superior Threads warehouse below's like Baskin Robbins with 2 million flavors...and we get to shop!

I wanted to share at least a sampling of what the students accomplished yesterday with their filler exercise as well as a couple of the panels they played with today.

Just an FYI...I DO have a couple openings left in my July and September workshops!!!

Hugs, Cindy :)


regan said...

Everyone's work looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, their work looks wonderful! g

Terri said...

Cindy, this looks like it's working very well! :) OMG I can't imagine having Superior Threads just downstairs. I'd be broke as a joke!