Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silk Hand Embroidery...Testing it Out!

With my machine quilting time at an all time low and my traveling time more than I'd like it to be, I've found myself with a new hand work! After I machine quilt a piece, I always have a generous amount of hand work adding beads and embellishments and this is my sanity time on an airplane or waiting at an airport. I am also a little concerned about my long flight to Australia in September...what is going to keep me busy for those long 14 hour flights?

Many years ago I did a decent amount of hand embroidery and silk ribbon work and loved it. I've decided that this is the perfect time to start meddling around with this again. When I was teaching at Superior Threads last month I indulged in some beautiful silk thread that I plan to use for hand embroidery. I purchased some gorgeous neutrals in different weights. I got several cards that are 16 wt. and are heavy and have a beautiful texture. I also purchased some 30 and 50 wt. Tire silk threads. Superior Threads also has silk embroidery floss and ribbons but I decided to start with these threads first and then start messing around with the rest of it a bit later.

During my workshop there, one of my students told me about a great product that she uses to line her delicate fabrics before starting her embroidery. It is a woven fusible linen interfacing and she highly recommended it. It not only stabilizes her delicate fabrics but it hides her traveling lines when she completes her embroidery. She sent me a swatch and I fused it to the back of this piece and I then trimmed it away from the lace. I LOVE how it feels and love the way that it stabilized this beautiful lace piece. I ordered 10 more yards of it just to have it on hand. I purchased it from Vogue Fabrics ( Do a "search" for Bosal woven fusible interfacing and they have it in white and black. The white is #300 and it is only $5.15 per yard. I think this stabilizer would be perfect for those delicate hankies that so many of you are using for quilted pieces!

This particular lace piece was a gift from a student and I thought it was the perfect starting point to get warmed up on my hand embroidery skills. I plan to stitch all the main grid lines in a 30 wt. detail work in the middle with a 50 wt. Tire silk. I will machine quilt around all the hand embroidery and then go back and add french knots and embellishments. I will take pictures as I go.

I posted previously that I was going to machine quilt a large linen piece with the Baltimore Album designs...I've decided that I will hand embroider these first and then go back and machine quilt afterwards. I plan on using the fusible linen lining to stabilize it. This project will definitely keep me busy on my long flight to Australia!

Hugs, Cindy :)


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful Cindy. I have visited the Bosal booth at the CHA Winter Conference. They have a wonderful product line, with many excellent stablizers. I do remember the stablizer you are recommending and, while I haven't used it, it did look high quality and reasonably priced. They also have Bosal Experts that travel, teach & give demonstrations in various sewing centers.


karen said...

Oh my - it's going to look wonderful! Guess I'm going to have to place my order now from Superior and then look for that stabilizer! I'll be watching your progress - yummy, just yummy.

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a beautiful piece of lace. Thank you for sharing about the stabilizer. It is good to find something that does not a stiffness to the original fabric.