Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Border Work

Each morning I am indulging in about 30 minutes of time working on my silk scarf...what a cool way to start my day! You've probably already figured out that I LOVE little detail work and there is no lack of it here.
This piece was so wiggly and out of square it required wiggly type quilting designs. That is the main reason for choosing the all-over feather filler in the middle. The border needed to be the same way. Using Bottom Line thread and a Topstitch 70/10 needle I am going around every single motif four times...once to ditch it right next to the embroidery and then echoing around each one three more times with very tiny spaces in between...probably about 1/16th of an inch-ish. I am then filling in any remaining open areas with little tiny circles. Most quilters refer to the little circles as pebbles...these are "sand".
I love repetitive line background fillers and am doing this to finish off the outside edge. In order to keep me straight and honest I draw straight lines about 1/2" apart and then just free motion tiny repetitive lines. The marked straight lines help keep me from listing from one side to the other. I free motion the lines so they are a bit wiggly and uneven as that gives me the texture. Once this piece is done I will square it off and use the unquilted rolled edging on the scarf for my binding. I'll share when it's all done! Hugs, Cindy :)


Patty Benner Young said...

Just BeautifulCindy!

Marika said...

Cindy magnificent and very demanding job, I love and admire the works of all thank you for publication in a job that inspires hope I can manage to still be a few years gyakorlat.Marika

Doreen said...

I have, also, recently discovered the joy of tiny stitches and am now on the look-out for my next project to utilize such a technique. Your work is what I aspire to (in my own fashion!-). Exquisite post!!

regan said...

Cindy.....this is stunning! What a treasure! I looked back at your last post, and from all the pictures, I can only see a few lines of basting stitches.....really? Did that stabilizer make it so you hardly had to baste? I'm totally amazed at this! Can't wait to see it done.

Karen said...

Yummy once again!

Instead of pebbles - sand? Whoa, your eyesight must be something else! It's going to be beautiful.