Monday, September 17, 2012

McCloud...September retreat!

I am a week overdue for posting all the goodies from our September retreat which took place weekend-before-last.  As crazy as things get on my  home front I always look forward to these retreats.  There is something so special about the setting and the building where these are held...everyone that comes, including myself, just takes a deep breath and relaxes.

My day starts between 4:30-5:00 am when I get the coffee started, gifts on the tables, tidying up done...the cool part is that it is soooo quiet and I get to watch the sun rise over the mountains.  I even wiggle in a little bit of sewing time before the "kids" arrive :)

I couldn't run these retreats without lots of help...Beth, who is pictured on the right, comes with me to every single retreat and helps me with anything and everything.  These simply wouldn't happen without her! She is pictured with another one of my favorite retreaters, Shirley Hagan :)

Barbara Cavanagh is one of my "regulars"...I met her for the first time when she was one of my students at Empty Spools Seminars (Asilomar) and she has been coming to my retreats ever since.  She is, of course, a special "Linen Lady" and brought a finished project to share...simply amazing!  I love how she covered up a center design she didn't like with a beautiful ruched ribbon flower.  

I always encourage retreaters to bring guild opportunity quilts so they can sell tickets...this one was over the top!  The Yuba City Quilt Guild created a wholecloth linen quilt for their opportunity quilt...breathtaking doesn't justify this quilt.  It is trapunto'd, beaded, and quilted to death.  The pictures just don't do it justice.

 ...sometimes there just isn't enuf wall space to lay out a large quilt...I love how this quilt was embellishing the bench by the window :)

Beverly Mack was one of my students in Sisters last year and is doing AMAZING work...she came with the small wholecloth practice piece above and then started venturing into a small hankie sized piece to get her feet wet.  I loved watching her work...:)

I always give away one of my wholecloth framed miniatures at each retreat and this is the one for September.  These only measure 5x5"...loved how this turned out :)

And last, but not least, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. McCloud!  One morning after announcements, one of my retreaters Linda Wilson, approached me with a gift and pulled this pink wool-sculptured head out of a bag...At the time he was "naked" and had about a foot long arm that was attached to the bottom of his head with a hand attached at the end.  I couldn't stop laughing...almost had to change my pants.  I always say "what happens in McCloud...stays in McCloud" and we had LOADS of fun with him!  Later on another retreater presented him with a crocheted hat to keep his head warm...the next day the same retreater fashioned a silk shawl to wrap around his skinny neck/arm...and then Linda made him some ears.  He made his way around the retreat room in various poses, performing different tasks and he now resides right here in my sewing room where he is constantly bringing a smile to my face!  I will be featuring him from time to time in my travels....THANK YOU LINDA!

I will be leaving tomorrow morning to teach my 5-day Designs Workshop in Rancho Cordova (outside of Sacramento) so will have more inspiration coming up for you. 

Hugs, Cindy :)



Margaret said...

Okay; that's it! I simply have to take the plunge and try whole-cloth creating with some of the family linens!! These retreat examples are so very lovely and inspiring. :-)

Diane Wild said...

I wished I lived close to you. I have many old linens and would love to do some quilting on them. How amazing. Do I dare try on my own?

Doreen said...

Loved the post. I always feel that the judge of a skilled (or not) teacher is to look at the achievement(s) of the student(s) and you are the "bomb" girl!!!! Blessings and hugs....

Karen said...

Oh my such eye candy in this post! If you ever have a raffle for a piece like these again I'll buy from long distance! Your teaching is over the top to have students who do such amazing work.

Shontelle said...

Those quilts are amazing!! Thanks for sharing the great photos. I know everyone is really looking forward to doing your classes here in Australia!

Barbara Cavanagh said...

I am so honored that you posted my linen quilt. I could not have done it without you. You are the best!