Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Featuring Vicki Crooms...again!

It's time to start getting caught up again!  I featured Vicki Crooms on June 27th  and she shared her story and thoughts on the "Nekkid Barbies" in the antique stores...everyone fell in love with her!   She recently shared a piece she just finished and it is spectacular! Here is her story...thank you for sharing Vicki...
Hugs, Cindy
Greetings from Alabama! 

I am a hospital pharmacist working in Mobile, Alabama. At work we have several 
drug patches that are designed to deliver medication through the skin. Although 
I am campaigning for an Etsy patch to reduce my urge to shop at, I hope 
no one ever invents a drug patch that keeps me from wanting to make these 
Cindy Needham inspired quilts!! That would be awful, because fellow quilters 
I am addicted.

A co-worker who simply lives for antique shows and yard sales, Holley Moore, 
has been on the hunt for vintage linens for me. She scored this pillowcase 
sham for $1. She also found me an unbelievable linen shower curtain that 
will eventually become even more spectacular than it is now. 

I have made several small quilts using Cindy's methods of up cycling vintage 
linens to get them out into the light again. Making each one is , quite simply, 
more fun to invent and make than the last one!!

Quilters make quilts for many reasons. I made this quilt to honor my Mother, 
whose photo is on the quilt. I scanned a photograph of my Mother onto organza 
to be used in the middle of the piece. She is photographed wearing her wedding 
dress on her wedding day in 1954. Peggy Gainey became Peggy Crooms on that day. 
My mother was a Registered Nurse, whose favorite job was as an Operating Room 
Nurse, although she also worked as a Nursing Home Nurse and Administrator 
while she and my Dad raised 4 children. Unfortunately, she died from the 
ravages of Alzheimer's Disease in February 2011. 

Usually I have a name for my quilt early in the process, but I have not 
come up with a good name for this piece yet. 

The quilted feathers and leaves were sized to fit on my scanner, then 
reprinted and traced onto water soluble solvy. After quilting those main 
portions I started the close tiny stipple quilting that helps the larger 
quilting portions to pop out. When I started sewing all those pearls on 
I could see why Cindy looks forward to long plane trips. It would be a good
 time for all that handwork!!


Can't Stop Stitchin said...

What a beautiful piece you have created, and such a lovely story. Thank you for sharing with us Vicki. Cindy, you continue to find ways to inspire us ~ thankyou

Anonymous said...

Cindy....I, too, thank you for your inspiration and Vicki....that is awesome! And that photo is a touch that elevates a beautiful heirloom to the highest level! Gorgeous!!!

Karen said...

What an elegant and beautiful way to remember your mom. It's elegant!