Thursday, January 17, 2013

Class Handbooks Updates!

I wanted to let everyone know that I FINALLY finished the updates to my class handbooks yesterday.  I have a few Linen Wholecloth Quilt updates that I still need to send out but otherwise I am DONE! Wooo hooo!  This is a project that takes me nearly 2 months to complete.  I whine every year about having to do it, but once it's done, I am ever so thankful for new, updated and prettier versions. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, please visit the "handbooks" section of my website.  I take great pride in writing extensive handbooks for every workshop I teach and make these available to everyone.  These are sent to you via a download link and you save them to your computer.  You keep it on your computer and print out if you wish (which most people do).  I have a number of students who have their Cindy Binder with all of their handbooks loaded in with dividers. 

Like I said, I do update these every year and for a one-time charge of $10.00, I will send you the newly updated handbooks in January each year.  It doesn't matter how many classes you've taken or how many handbooks you've purchased, it's a one-time fee.  This is a service that I provide to my students and they LOVE it.

All for to finish getting ready for the Road to California show next week.  Hope to see some of you there.  Hugs, Cindy :)


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Heavens!!!! This quilted block is stunning Cindy..I so envy your work

Lynette said...

Thanks for letting us know!

Angie in SoCal said...

Fantastic! I'll be going to Road

Anonymous said...

You are the best! That is one gorgeous quilting! Hugs, Doreen