Monday, April 29, 2013

Going "Down Under" Again!

It has been an extremely hectic six weeks with four major back-to-back engagements.  Each engagement has been special in it's own way and I've loved every moment in the classrooms with my students.

I am putting my feet back in the air tomorrow for my longest trip yet...I'm going back "down under" to visit the Rose City Quilters in Palmerston North, NZ!  I was in Adelaide, Australia last year which was my very first trip out of the United States...Australia and New Zealand have been on the top of my bucket list to visit in my lifetime and I feel very blessed to have received an invitation to visit both.

The most stressful part of a long flight is keeping my hands busy...I can hardly imagine being  in an airplane seat for that many hours without a needle in my hand.  I have several pieces lined up to work on and wanted to share the progress of my projects.

Since I just posted about my retreat in McCloud, I wanted to share my pillowcase quilt.  Vicki Crooms, my "Nekkid Barbie" Alabama blog stalker, gifted me with this beautiful pillowcase at Road to California in January.  I had been looking for a new pillowcase project and this was perfect.  I FINALLY got it in the machine this weekend and am very pleased with the progress.   A dear friend, Gloria, is facing very difficult health challenges at the moment and I am dedicating this piece to her.  Several years ago I did this same design for her for a special glass  tray insert...this piece is being done with her in my heart  and will be named "Morning Glories for Gloria".

I have posted many photos of my green star wholecloth and some of the challenges I've faced.  I have had nothing but trouble with the just doesn't support all the amazing designs that surround it.  I ended up ripping off the white tatted doily and the jewelry embellishments.  I found a white doily that fit and quilted it with my logo, backgrounds, beaded it, and have quilted it down.  Still not entirely happy but it will do.  Do you ever have a project that you have high hopes for and it only comes out dim???  This is one of those for me but am hoping when it is all said and done it will be better.

I also had a "quilt gone bad" last October where I cut off all the surrounding borders and was left with just the middle.  The center design  turned out badly and I had to cover everything up.  I ended up selecting an old Irish piece that was gifted to me many years ago...quilted it...beaded it...and am in the process of attaching it to the center of the quilt.

Soooo...I have plenty to keep my little hands busy coming and going on my latest adventure to New Zealand.  There are oodles of hours in beadwork and binding to get these pieces finished.    I will be sure to take loads of pictures while I'm there and will post when I get home.

Hugs, Cindy :)


Vicki Crooms said...

Fantastic. Beautiful. OMG it is all fabulous! Happy beading on the flight down under. You are the Johnny Appleseed of whole cloth quilts, spreading the gospel!! Safe travels. Vicki Crooms

tizart said...

Hope you have a safe trip to Palmerston North - New Zealand! Looking forward to your class and hearing you speak at Tote and Gloat.
See you at the end of this week!!!
LOVE your work!!!!!!!
Happy Quilting Liz

Fiona said...

I just love seeing the detail in your quilts.. these are beautiful...

Karen said...

Will be thinking of you - have fun.

SewCalGal said...

I hope you have a smooth trip and super fun. Love all the projects you shared. You always create such beautiful pieces. Love them all.


Unknown said...

Cindy is alive and well...and continues to inspire us all. I went to Tote and Gloat on Saturday and haven't been able to sleep...or breathe...properly since. It was wonderful...exquisite...endearing...inspirational...think of the best thing you have ever done and it was better by far than that! I have enrolled in her Craftsy class since and am in salivatory heaven. Thank you Cindy. You have sure inspired us.