Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Linen Ladies Workshop!!!

I am very excited to share our first ever extended Linen Ladies Workshop.  I have been teaching one-day classes on how to create these beautiful quilts and trust me, that isn't nearly enuf time!  It seems I have to really push to get as much instruction packed in as I can while still allowing my students time to design and mark a linen.

This past week 20 of us indulged in four days of workshop time dedicated to wholecloth linen quilts.  We were snugged up in the conference room of the Hyatt House in Rancho Cordova.  The staff at the hotel is always very excited when the quilters come back...we have non-stop sewing time~ quilt-till-you-wilt so to speak!

We spent a portion of each morning in lecture learning all the different tips, tricks and techniques; learned about designing; learned backgrounds; how to create crazy linen quilts; special basting techniques; beading, etc.

On the first day we had a special lunch at a fabulous Italian bakery, Dianda's, which was right next door to Thistledew Quilt Shop.  After lunch we all took a field trip to the store and auditioned fabrics and bought our underlayments and backings.  The store was total chaos for over and hour but how much fun is it to go shopping with 20 friends???  They are probably still putting bolts of fabric back!

We had so much fun on the first field trip we went on another one the next day to a fabulous bead store.  As luck would have it she had her entire collection of freshwater pearls on sale for 50% off!  Still grinning over that one!

I had the pleasure of watching vintage linens being transformed into fabulous wholecloth quilts.  I often only get to see the beginnings and never the end results...because of our extended days together every single person went home with a piece that was at least half done and beautiful.

Besides teaching in the classroom, I was also cleaning linens in my hotel bathroom and hanging linens to dry overnight.  I'm sure the housekeeping staff wondered how one person could go thru so many towels!

I am looking forward to teaching another extended linen wholecloth quilt workshop this coming August as well as next year.  I would love it if you could join me!  Yes, it's hot in August but remember...we are inside with air conditioning and there's a beautiful pool close by!  We have two fabulous quilt stores, bead store, antique stores and a fantastic hotel staff that caters to our every need.  Click HERE to be taken to the workshops section of my website.

I want to thank my students for a fabulous week!  Everyone created their own little masterpieces and I had a great time watching each one be created.

Hugs, Cindy :)


Karen said...

Oh my! Congratulations to all of your linen ladies. Their work is just glorious and I would love to see finished photos of each and every one. I hope they will share. Wish I could have been a part of it all.

SewCalGal said...

Certainly looks like everyone had fun and I do so love seeing pictures of all the projects, from the Linen Ladies. Gosh, they are all beautiful.


Paula said...

I recognize some of the ladies in this post. I took your design workshop in September 2012 and had the most wonderful time. Hope I can take the linen ladies workshop soon.

Kathleen said...

oh, oh, love it, love it!!!! I just wish I were there !!!!

Mary said...

Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

Lorraine said...

The results are stunning!

sewmuchfun said...

I am so excited to be taking your week long class this year. Thanks for posting