Monday, August 12, 2013

Linen Ladies Workshop...aka "OCD"

I got home late yesterday after spending five days teaching my Linen Ladies Workshop in Rancho Cordova. Wow.  What an amazing group of quilters!

Everyone "nested" Wednesday afternoon/evening and the workshop got underway on Thursday.  Something I've started doing for my workshop ladies is taking them to lunch at Dianda's Italian bakery in  Fair Oaks...mmmmmm....  Once lunch is finished we go right next door to the Thistledew Quilt Shop where everyone selects their backings and underlayments for their linen quilts.

My students have a huge resource of stencils available to help them design and mark their linen quilts.  They are always encouraged to choose a design, mark it, and then make it their own adding their own personal touches.

Arleigh had a fabulous idea of photocopying her linen and then sketching out her ideas.  I do this quite a bit too and found it really saves a lot of ripping out quilting later on.

Friday included a fun field trip to one of the best bead stores around!

Each day of the workshop started with a lecture in the morning and then open workshop time for the remainder of the day.  It was fascinating watching ordinary, and extra-ordinary linens being born into stunning linen wholecloth quilts.


I LOVE the fact that my students share their knowledge and teach others in the workshop AND they share completed projects from prior workshops!  Way to go Kathleen!

This was an exceptional workshop with some very talented ladies attending.  For some reason they referred to it as an "OCD" workshop...aka Obsessive Cindy Disorder :)  Guess I planted some "Cindy Seeds", huh?

If you ever want to attend a fun and inspirational workshop packed with loads of information, beautiful quilts and unlimited quality time at your machine, please think about joining me next year!  I will be offering workshops in Beginning Machine Quilting, Linen Ladies and Designing .  Information can be found on my website under "Workshops".

Hugs, Cindy :)


Anonymous said...

Cindy, I have most definitely fallen prey to the OCD malady.....and am lovin' it! My stash now includes many vintage linen pieces just waiting for their rebirth into gorgeous quilted finishes. I have totally become addicted to whole cloth/large area type quilting motifs (some beginning with stencils that I have acquired recently in large numbers!!). Here is a sample of one that I did as a donation: I have thoroughly enjoyed and have been inspired by your Craftsy class! Hugs, Doreen a.k.a. Treadlemusic

Leeanne said...

I would so love to go to one of your workshops. I missed when you cam earlier in the year to New Zealand.

Jennifer Woo said...

So much fun!! The class was a blast and I added to my bead addiction. My thread order is due to hit the mail box today (bless Superior for their quick shipping) and I will be working on my project over the weekend!

Vicki Crooms said...

Too much fun!