Monday, January 6, 2014

Handbooks Have Been Updated!

For those of you who have purchased handbooks off of my website, or have taken classes from me in the past and purchased yearly updates for $10, the updated and rewritten handbooks have been sent via Constant Contact newsletter.

I like to let you know via my blog.  If you didn't receive the updates, please email me at and reference "handbooks" in the subject line.  Sometimes email addresses change and I wasn't notified OR I typed your address in wrong.  Either way I want to make sure you receive them.

I am VERY excited about some of the new information that was added and improvements that were made.This is always such a huge undertaking and I grumble and whine thru the whole process.  I told Kent the other night I feel like I have two tough "seasons" in my life...Handbook season and Tax season.  I'm always relieved when they're both over.

The nice thing about the updates is I can watch my teaching style evolve and get better each year.  I'm often disappointed in myself when I revisit a handbook after a year and realize how much better it could have been.  One of those was my little Beginning Machine Quilting handout.  It was supposed to be a small thing that accompanied the rest of the handbooks that came along with it but in retrospect it didn't have much in it at all.  If you have attended a Beginner's workshop from me in the past or purchased the Beginner's handbook, please email me and request the new one.  It's still small but it's sooooo much better than it was previously.

I also eliminated the "Learning to Design" collection and took the Design handbook and added it to a new grouping which is my "Wholecloth Quilts Collection" aka The Craftsy Collection.  My second class with Craftsy launches  very soon and this specific collection complements both of  those classes.

Now that these are all done I can finally really focus on the new handbook that I've started and that will include all my quilting designs that are in stencil form and those that were included in my published book.  Many of the stencil designs have been retired and my book is no longer in print so lots of designs are no longer available.  I will be selling this handbook separately but will be including it in the Complete Collection for no extra charge.  For those of you who have purchased this particular collection (free updates are included in this collection),  you will receive this as soon as I'm will be a few months though!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Hugs, Cindy :)

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Anonymous said...

A new Craftsy class!!!
Can't wait.