Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Little More About Boutis!

After writing my previous post I received an inquiry from a reader about the Boutis books and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share a little more information about this wonderful art.

Oftentimes some of the simplest things can make the biggest life changes...for me it was a book.  When I first started machine quilting I was inspired by Harriet Hargrave's book.  Shortly thereafter I came across this book, "Quilts of Provence The Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking"  by Kathryn Berenson and published by Henry Holt and Company.    Oh My!!!!  My quilting life changed forever...these quilts spoke to my heart and I have worn this book out.

This book documents "the evolution of Provence's highly sculptural needle art...embroidery from within...picturing corded work and quilting".  I never really understood how this was done until I met Karen Azevedo and she was starting on a journey of learning how to do Boutis...which is the French corded work and I was mesmerized.

To put it in a nutshell, you take fine cotton batiste, quilting thread and stuffing.  You outline all of your marked designs and very carefully stitch the two fabrics together by hand.  Once complete you fill the channels with the stuffing which raises the pattern.  This description is by no means's just a quick "how to".

When I filmed my last Craftsy class I spent a few days with Karen afterwards and was able to indulge in a few of her Boutis books and had to buy them for myself.

This one is my favorite...obviously from France.  This book is entitled Boutis d'hier d'aujourd'hui by Nicole Astier.  This one came with  fabulous fold out patterns.  The book is a bit pricey but if you're like me, I don't mind spending a few extra dollars for a beautiful book that I'll own forever.

These are the two others that I ordered...they are both wonderful books!
The Art of Boutis by Kumiko Nakayama-Geraerts   and   Le Boutis by Neiges D'Antan.

Although I have no real interest in doing the Boutis myself I LOVE the patterns.  It is one of these patterns that I adapted and am using on my pillowcase project featured below.  (These patterns were included in  the first book pictured).

 These are two beautiful pieces that Karen made for me...good friend, huh???

This is a piece that she is currently working on.  See how she marked her pattern and is very carefully stitching the layers of batiste together???

I hope you've found this information interesting and now maybe you can appreciate and enjoy the patterns that Karen and I have chosen for our pillowcases...they are both Boutis patterns.

Hugs, Cindy :)


Kathleen said...

thank you, thank you. great information, Cindy.


Karen said...

Besides the books that Cindy has listed I thought I'd also pass along 2 of my favorites. Le Boutis traditionnel by Christiane Vignal and The Embroidery of Boutis by Francine Nicollle. These are books that will give you goosebumps!

The Quilted Dog said...

Simply lovely! And quite timely: I've been investigating French quilting in preparation for my son's wedding in Provence. There is a nice video featuring Kathryn Berensen and French quilting:

Unknown said...

You almost certainly do not know this, but a new book on Boutis is about to be published in English. It is a small book giving detailed information and instructions.
It is written by Hubert Valéri and translated by me. I emailed him some months ago to ask him to do this. I was just thinking of an addendum to one of his books, but he replied that he would do an instruction booklet if I would translate it. I agreed and I have just done the final proof reading this morning.
Hubert's designs are very different from traditional ones and you can see in them elements of his former profession as an architect. He has written many books, the one out already this month being 'Boutis et Couture'.
I know that there is interest in the USAin Boutis and would like to contact quilting magazines.
The first print run will be quite small, but further runs will be made if required.