Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quilt For Sale...

Last year I put two of my quilts up for sale and one sold immediately...I decided at the last moment to hang on to this one as I had three Featured Artist exhibits coming up and needed this quilt for those.  I've decided it's once again time to try and find a new special home for this beautiful piece.

This was quilted about three years ago and was created from a vintage banquet sized tablecloth.  It has net lace inserts and measures 96 x 65.  Hundreds of hours went into the quilting.  Although it has never been entered into a show for competition it has appeared in three of my last Featured Artist exhibits.

The quilt consists of four layers...the vintage tablecloth...a tan-colored cotton underlayment...a full thickness wool batting and a cotton backing.  Superior Threads' Bottom Line, Highlights and So Fine thread were used for all the quilting and there are a few scattered freshwater pearls added for embellishment.

I had this professionally appraised last year for $5,500 and I am asking $6000.  If you are interested in providing my special quilt with a lovely new home, please contact me directly at: or you can visit my shop on Etsy.

Thank you!  Hugs, Cindy :)

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Susan Lawson said...

Cindy, it's absolutely beautiful! I'm not a quilt appraiser, but your asking price seems cheap. After admiring your work for several years and taking your classes I know the quality and workmanship this piece holds, I wish I could purchase it.... Someone will be getting a great deal!