Friday, March 7, 2014


I have been blessed with some wonderful down time here at home which has allowed me to do something I don't get to do very much of...quilt!    Per my previous blog posts you know that Karen and I have been working  on our shared project of the pillow coverings and I have been putting in a significant amount of time to get mine to a certain spot.

I have two very special teaching engagements coming up...Asilomar next week and then just a few short days after getting home from there I go to Dubai to teach for their International Quilt Show!!!  I can still hardly believe that they asked me and feel very honored to have been invited.  Even though I'm going halfway around the world to teach, the only thing that really has me concerned is staying busy for 20+ hours of flight time each way.  I go nuts if I'm not keeping my hands that's the incentive to get a lot of quilting done on this piece...I have enough hand work  to keep me busy on this for a VERY long time!
It is SO hard to get good photos of whitework and I obviously don't have the right equipment to make this work.  You can see the puffy areas that still need to be scribbled in...

Now here's a better shot so you can see what I'm doing!  Love how the leaves came out in the oval...

...and a little bit closer.  You can see little dots in between the leaves...this is where I will be adding silk ribbon French knots.

Here's a small closeup of the eeeetsie tiny little border design...I thought the dime would help you see how tiny the details are.

This is the hanging sleeve all ready to be beaded and attached to the quilt when that is done.  The signature linen is also ready to be attached.  The binding is already on the quilt and ready to be turned under.   I will be adding a LOT of freshwater pearls to the outside lace, small French knots to the insides of the flowers in the medallion and who knows what else I'll come up with.  Classic Quilts, the sponsor of this show, is graciously loaning me a machine during my stay so I when I have some down time in my room I plan on getting more machine quilting done.  I think I have plenty to keep me busy with no idle hands!

I've decided to name the quilt "Provence"...Inspired by French Quiltmaking in Provence, France.  Their work is what inspired me early on to create heirloom style quilts.

So, this will be my last blog post for a bit but I promise I will be taking loads of pictures and taking notes and will have some fabulous posts coming up from Asilomar and Dubai.

Big Hugs, Cindy :)


Maggie said...

Hey Cindy,

Gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Ad ALWAYS!! Be SURE and get up every hour, at least, and walk up and down the aisle on the airplane. Have a wonderful time.

Maggie in Arizona

Karen said...

OMG I think I might be hyperventilating! It's gorgeous, breathtaking and gives me goosebumps. Oh my....maybe my pillowcase isn't done yet :)

Frog Quilter said...

OMG it's beautiful, enjoy your trips. Liz

Kitchener Quilter said...

So beautiful. Love your work. White quilts ARE hard to photograph. You could try to adjust your exposure setting, to -1/2 or -1. Find it in your camera menu or settings. You'll get better detail, in my own experience!

LJ said...

Honest to God, you should see me sitting here just shakin' my head because I am just totally in awe of your amazing work. It almost seems other-worldly that anyone can do what you do!! Have a wonderful, fabulous time in Dubai; you are going to blow their socks off. Hmmmm, I wonder, do they wear socks? lol

Marilyn said...

Absolutely beautiful work, Cindy! You inspire me to continue to work hard at my craft, hoping that one day I can produce work like you do! Have an amazing time in Dubai! What an honour!

Laceflower said...

I tried your scribble quilting on my recent project and I see from your close-up that yours is very even and a lot less dense than what I did. Mine is black on black so it was a good choice for a first try as it hides a lot of sins.
Have a smashing time on your teaching trip.

Marsha Jean said...

Beautiful as always!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful! Love your work! Thanks Lorie

Anonymous said...

Dubai: there are non-stop flights from several US cities and this is no time to save pennies. Many of the airlines have US partners and you can use your frequent flier miles to upgrade to business class. If you can't find a way, pay the difference, trust me, it's worth every penny. In business class, you will have room for your sewing supplies and all your little beads and pearls, and when you get tired, you can lay down flat and sleep :-)

Jet lag is a total bummer with those kinds of hour changes. Get out in the sunlight; sunlight helps one adjust faster to local time.

All the guilds in the area participate - Kuwait, Oman and Qatar as well as Kuwait. These quilters "see" with different eyes; different color combinations, different stitching. . . they have access to fabulous exotic fabrics and are way beyond cotton. You will be a big thrill for them, and they will also be a huge blessing to you.

I am so delighted you are taking this opportunity! (I helped found the Qatar guild and was also active in the Kuwait guild)