Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Featuring Sharon Engel!

I recently received a wonderful email from one of my Craftsy students, Sharon Engel, about a blue ribbon award she received at the county fair on her linen quilt  and I just had to share her, and her quilt, with all of you!  Congratulations Sharon on a beautiful quilt!  Her story is below...

Last spring Craftsy had a class sale and I have been lurking at Cindy's blog for quite awhile and decided to sign up for both of her classes.  My mother had several family linens, mostly dresser scarves and this round linen.  She doesn't remember who embroidered it, but I thought it would be a perfect beginner linen to try Cindy's class.  I did soak the linen in Oxyclean but a couple of stains just didn't come out.

One great thing about purchasing a Craftsy class is that you own them forever and can watch them as many times as you wish, which is exactly what I did.  I drew up a design, actually several designs on tracing paper the size of the linen.  I then did a practice quilting sample on white muslin.  I was happy with that design and decided to jump in. 

After I quilted the center, I just didn't like the areas next to the edge of the linen.  I had used a template but the fabric just sagged around it. I sent Cindy a picture, lo and behold, she emailed me back with a wonderful idea for that area. I used the idea and it looks so much better.  I've added a before/after picture.

I ordered a spool of white silk thread for the white center.  I have never sewn with silk and it is a lovely thread to use. I love purple, although I did audition several colors, but ended up choosing the solid Kona purple.  I also decided to quilt the purple with feathers around the linen to keep the theme of feathers moving to the outside and then stipple the remainder.

So here is the final piece with a pretty blue ribbon from our local county fair.  She is getting puffed and polished to send next week to the state fair.

Thanks Cindy for the wonderful suggestion and for very precise instructions in the Craftsy classes.

Sharon Engel, Colorado


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Awesome quilt. Love these linen pieces.

Leeanne said...

Stunning!!!! I too LOVED your craftsy classes.

Karen said...

Way to go Sharon! Good luck in Pueblo.