Monday, September 15, 2014

Quilt Fundraising Auction for Libby Lehman

Earlier this year I had a few posts sharing a quilt that I was making that would be part of a special exhibit at Houston and Paducah intended to be an auction fundraiser for Libby Lehman.  It's all coming together and I'll be able to share all the yummy details VERY soon so keep an eye out! 

I received an email from Ellen McBurney sharing a quilt that she, too, created as a fundraiser for Libby's medical expenses.  Although it is not part of the Houston/Paducah exhibits, she has this for sale on Ebay and is hoping that it will have a nice auction outcome on Libby's behalf.  If you are interested be aware that the Ebay auction ends VERY soon!!! 

Check it out HERE!   Beautiful work Ellen...congratulations!

Cindy :)

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