Monday, October 20, 2014

Inspired By Libby...Charity Auction to Begin!!!

If you're a regular blog stalker you've already heard about the amazing fundraising auction that will be taking place for Libby Lehman starting on Wednesday! 

For those of you who aren't "stalkers", Libby Lehman is an amazing quilter, teacher and author who has made a very significant impact on the quilting world...worldwide.  She has inspired and touched SO many of us .  About a year and a half ago Libby suffered a brain aneurysm followed by a significant stroke.  Her recovery has been made in "baby steps"...many steps forward followed by a few steps back.   As many of us know from personal and family medical situations, medical and rehab expenses are staggering.

Clara Lawrence came up with the fabulous idea of inviting quilt artists and instructors to create a 30x30" quilt that was "Inspired by Libby".  We were to choose a quilt made by Libby and then create our own piece using her work as our inspiration.  These quilts were to be auctioned off and 100% of the proceeds would be donated to Libby to help with her medical expenses. 

Thirty four quilts have been completed and the auction is ready to start this coming Wednesday and will end on November 5th.  This fabulous collection of quilts will be shown at the Houston International Quilt Festival next week and will also be shown in Paducah next April.  The quilts will be distributed to the winning bidders after the Paducah show.

Bidding will take place on-line.  PLEASE CLICK HERE to be taken to the auction website.  It's as simple as registering and then you are ready to bid.   If you would like to see a U-Tube video of the quilts being shown to Libby please CLICK HERE.

I would like to personally thank Clara Lawrence for all of her hard work getting this exhibit together.  What a wonderful tribute to Libby Lehman and a way of giving back to somebody who has given so much to all of us.

Hugs, Cindy :) 

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Karen said...

Wow - so many quilts! I know you poured your heart and soul into the one you made! What a wonderful tribute.