Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Featuring Monique Figlietti!!!

Monique and I have been friends for many years.  She and her daughter, Eva, have been coming to my McCloud retreats for a few years now and Monique always brings beautiful things to work on.  She loves details like I do and doesn't seem to mind spending many hours on a project.  She was working on this piece in McCloud and sent me some beautiful pictures of it all done.  I just KNEW you would love seeing this too!  Here's her story.  Thank you Monique and congratulations on a beautiful quilt!  

"A friend called me to come and look over some vintage linens she had since she knew that I liked to do wholecloth quilts.  I saw this tablecloth which was a taupe color and I really liked it until we opened it up. It looked like someone had spilled car oil all over it.  I took it home and tried several ways of cleaning as recommended on-line for vintage linens.  Nothing made a dent.  I figured it was ruined so one day I decided to soak it in Oxyclean while I went to church.  When I got back it was a sparkling white with no stains.  I can't say I would recommend this process but if it was going to be ruined, anything is worth a try.

I brought it up to McCloud for Cindy's quilt weekend and found the perfect background fabric of linen taupe.  Cindy had me pick out some stencils that I liked and we worked on a pattern.  I felt as if I was over my head but decided it was time to dive in and just do it!  I'm really proud of the outcome.  Actually one of the hardest parts was beading the quilt as it is so tightly quilted.

Thank you Cindy for believing in me more than I believed in myself.  It was a joy creating this".

Monique Figlietti


SewCalGal said...

Oh my gosh this is stunning. Monique did an excellent job. Absolutely beautiful. #quiltlove.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

That's beautiful. She must have had a great teacher!

Karen said...

Oh my Monique! She's beautiful and she's lucky that you persevered in creating her. Every minute of your work was worth it. Congratulations.

Marlene said...

That is absolutely amazing. Congratulations Monique on a masterpiece.