Friday, December 26, 2014

Classroom Time...

As you know I'm right in the middle of updating all my's that time of year.  Many of you will be receiving the links to your  updated purchased books by the middle of January.

I'm about 3/4 of the way thru the Heirloom Feathers book and decided to redraft all of the feathering designs using the Ultimate Stencils as my guide.  Since this stencil set is new to ALL of us,  I wanted to share what I'm learning and also give you a sneak peek into some of the updates.

The Heirloom Feathers handbook teaches you how to take simple shapes that are ordinarily found in pieced quilt tops and divide/conquer them to create beautiful quilting designs.   I provide six different options for quilting each of these basic shapes.

One easy way to divide/conquer a square...use the square Ultimate Stencil and draw diagonal lines.  Using the circle Ultimate Stencil draw your arches or just sketch them in yourself.

This is how it may look filled in with feathers.

Using the square Ultimate stencil you can create a perfect triangle.  Divide it in half using the vertical line as your guide.  Draw arches on either side..use the circle grid or just sketch them in.

This is how it may look quilted.  Here's another example of a triangle...

Here's an example of an elongated triangle using the square Ultimate Stencil...

Notice that I didn't use the angled lines at all.  I was impressed with the fact that I could use the angles/square lines as a guide only.  Here's another example...

Circles are always a bugger to's two easy ways to divide a circle using the circle Ultimate Stencil as your guide....

I hope you enjoy the inspirations I am providing to you in my "Blogger Classroom".  I  felt it was important to inspire you as I'm learning myself...I was having a lot of fun today drafting these new designs and wanted to share.

If you want photocopies of the paper Master Grids they are available on the FREE 27 page handbook that is available to you on the home page of my website.  I am also continuing to add Ultimate Stencil ideas and inspirations on my Pinterest page.  You can access that at any time by clicking on the Pinterest button on my home page.

If you come up with inspirations using these stencils please share!  I would love to pass on your ideas.

Hugs, Cindy :)

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SewCalGal said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love all your designs and stencils, but your new Ultimate Stencil set is the best ever.