Thursday, March 5, 2015

Part Two~My Classes

The first evening I was in Doha I presented my trunk show and one of my guests arrived with a bag full of of PVC parts that would eventually become quilt racks.  I laughed until I cried watching this process.
Even the men tried to help...LOL here.  They DID eventually become quilt racks but what a very fun way to start the evening!

The next day was my Feathers/Backgrounds workshop in the beautiful "star lace" building.  I would give anything to have a classroom like this all the time!  Fabulous room and light.

After my engagement in Doha I flew back to Dubai where we promptly drove to Abu Dhabi for my engagement at the royal family palace.  We weren't allowed to take pictures there but a "royal photographer" did and I should be receiving those hopefully very soon.  As soon as I do you can be assured I will have a VERY special post about that engagement.

I finished my trip with a two-day workshop in Dubai where we focused on learning to design, thread education and feathers/backgrounds.

Many of my students were sketching as well as quilting and many were using the Ultimate Stencils for their designs.

Loved the work that was created!!!

This is a  photo of my students in Dubai...what a fabulous group.  Many of these ladies accompanied me to the palace for that engagement and were as blown away as I was over the whole experience.

As soon as the photos are released I will post the story on "Cinderella's" visit to the palace.

Big Hugs, Cindy :)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

You taught them well. Love the butterfly!

Karen said...

What good uses of your stencils!