Sunday, April 5, 2015

New/Improved Master Grid Sheets

Pardon the blog post to get the word out but this is the fastest and easiest way I know of to send a shout out to everyone.

When I originally created my Master Grids for The Ultimate Stencil, they were drafted with the intention for the user to use this as a "sketch pad" of sorts.  The lines were further apart to make it easier to draw.  Designs could then be adapted from there using the stencils.

I received an email from a student letting me know she felt it was more difficult for her to design this way...she felt the amount of lines on the Master Grids should be the same as they were on the stencil.
It was a "duh" moment for me...of course they should be.

I just finished redrafting the grids so they exactly match the stencils.  The lines are closer together and it may make it a bit more difficult to draw things out but I think in the long run it will make things much easier.

I'm not able to link documents to this blog, so if you're interested in downloading the newly drafted Master Grids they are on the home page of my website.  I have them in washout/darker.

Thank you Bonnie for your feedback!  I'm always listening so if there are more improvements to be made PLEASE let me know!

Hugs, Cindy :)

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QuiltShopGal said...

Interesting. I hadn't found it an issue, but I agree that it would make it easier. Thanks for updating the templates and sharing.