Saturday, May 23, 2015

More Fun with Class Samples!

I got the first batch of new samples pretty much done this morning and decided to add a few more into the mix.  As I was designing one of the new ones I thought it would be a GREAT opportunity to throw some more Ultimate Stencil tips your way.

I try and get multiple class uses out of each sample because there is so much time involved.  I needed a new "bright threads" sample for my Open Thread Bar class and decided to do a bunch of random circles and fill each one with a feather design using an unnerving bright thread.  Of course I had a blast using the Ultimate Stencils for made it SO much easier!  So now I can use this sample for my Heirloom  Feathers class as well as my upcoming Ultimate Stencil class.  Time well spent!

In my Heirloom Feathers handbook I have lots of pages showing how you can easily divide basic shapes to fill with feathers.  A circle is especially hard because it's difficult to find the perfect center and then get perfect angles.   These are pictures out of the handbook.  Now easily duplicate these designs in my class sample.

Using the stencil I just chose different sized circles and overlapped and scattered them about.  Then I used the center horizontal/vertical lines from the stencil to find my perfect halfway points and used arches and angles to create my divisions.

The marked designs on my fabric will match up to the designs in the handbook.

Now it's time to audition all the crazy bright threads that will be used.  These are Superior Threads' trilobals and Magnifico.  Amazing to work with!

Another class sample for the Thread Bar class is showing how a design shows strong on a solid and disappears on a busy print...even with a contrasting thread. 

I used the circle Ultimate Stencil to easily draw out a feather wreath...

...and used the square Ultimate Stencil to quickly draw out my angled background filler.

Curved crosshatching was easily done in this sample using the circle stencil as well as dividing and conquering the other circle for feather work. 

Some 1/2" baby clams for a background filler...

...some filigree and twisted clam repetitive line backgrounds...

...and a beautiful star to finish off the sample.  The star was also drafted using the circle Ultimate Stencil. 

I will have the finished class sample with all the circles/feathers in a blog coming up soon!

Hugs, Cindy :)


Béa said...

Wonderful samples. I used the same star design as my FMQ Challenge at Quiltshopgal and try the problem with print fabrics....

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Stunning as always, Cindy!!!!