Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Ultimate Stencil~Using Laminate Sheets & Vinyl for Designing!

I'm always encouraging my students to give me tips on easier ways to use the Ultimate Stencils.  Two students recently shared a couple of great ideas that I wanted to pass on to the rest of you.  I just finished shooting a YouTube video on this...CLICK HERE to be taken to the stencil section of my website...scroll all the way down to the bottom video.

I encourage everyone to draw their designs on their photocopied Master Grids first to determine which lines from the actual stencil need to be marked on your quilt.  You can go thru a lot of paper this way.  It was a Duh moment when it was suggested that you laminate the sheets.  This allows you to freely draw with a dry erase marker and rub it off when you don't want it anymore!  I actually doubled my sheets...I have the "regular" grid on one side and the "double lines" on the other.

Another great idea was to trace the Ultimate Stencil guides on heavy clear vinyl.  Simply place your stencil UNDERNEATH the vinyl and trace the lines with a permanent black Sharpie pen.

Now you can take the marked  vinyl, place it on top of your quilt, and sketch your designs with a dry erase marker.  Again, you can rub off the designs as you like/dislike what you've done.

I posted yesterday sharing the new class samples I'm working on and thought it would be a great idea to share how the stencils were used to create those samples.

I used arcs from the circle stencil to create curved crosshatching in the two circles above.

Here's a close up of the cathedral window design that was added to the curved cross hatching!

I LOVE repetitive lines!  I used a corner of the square stencil and used the lines as a guide to create perfect chevrons to create a filler for this shape.

I also used the same corner to create perfect triangles for the border design I'm adding to the edge.

And of course I used the circle stencil to create a perfect star to fill with feathers!

Keep the ideas coming in...I love sharing with all of you!

Hugs, Cindy :)


QuiltShopGal said...

Great idea.


Leah said...

Awesome ideas Cindy! I have to get a few of your ultimate stencils. I start all my quilt planning the exact same way!

One thing you might want to try is combining the marked starting points from the ultimate stencil with ruler work. All kinds of crazy possibilities without marking. Cheers!

LJ said...

Thanks for sharing. These are super ideas. I just received my Ultimate Sencils and will be incorporating both ideas as I begin to use the stencils.