Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cute Project from Rachel Atienza

I just received this email show and tell from Rachel and wanted to share it with all of you!  I thought it was special because so many of us tend to lean towards the neutral linens and I LOVED the bright colors in this one.  I also loved all the little unusual details she added to the tiny center grid, the double rectangle circle and the flourishes in the feathers.  Beautifully done Rachel!!!!  Hugs, Cindy

This is only a small tray cloth.  I didn't want to start straight into a large table linen and this was ideal.  I wasn't too keen on the bright hand embroidery around the edges to start with and thought it wouldn't be the end of the world if I made a complete mess of it.  In the end I think the whole thing has really come alive and I'm very pleased with my first foray into this addictive technique. 

I used various threads as you suggest for different areas of the work and used wool batting for the first time.  I also invested in some of the Cherrywood fabric for the underlayment and like the fabric very much. 

All the while I was working I kept thinking of the original maker, and how sad that this piece which had been made with such care, was unloved and just sold for pennies at a car-boot sale.   I wish I knew who she was...I hope I have done justice to the maker, carefully stitching around her hand stitches as you suggest. 

Kind Regards,

Rachel  Atienza


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

10 thumbs up! Magnificient!

RachelA said...

Wow Cindy... what an accolade from you posting this on your blog! Thank you so much for doing that and giving it you thumbs up.

Leeanne said...

Stunning! A Beautiful treasure.

RachelA said...

Thank you Sharyn and Leanne, I will indeed treasure it. I have decided to make a very narrow piping in red to enhance the red flowers which will lie inside a regular binding in the buttermilk fabric.