Friday, July 3, 2015

Featuring Kathy Autry's Work!

I keep asking everyone to share their work using The Ultimate Stencils so I can teach and inspire everyone on what can be done.

I received a fabulous email from Kathy Autry and she gave me permission to share with all of you.
Thank you Kathy!!!   


"I know you get a lot of emails from us "want to be quilters" but I just wanted to tell you that I ordered the stencils and your books about 4 weeks ago and was in the process of making a quilt for my daughter.  Actually I just started quilting 1 year ago and chose a quilt to make with lots of new learning techniques.

This quilt had 39 squares as part of the design plus 3 stars (a design from Missouri Star Quilts).  I watched your two Craftsy videos and decided to try and quilt it as you described in one of the tutorials as a "whole cloth pieced quilt". 

I picked two designs from your "New and Improved Book~The Ultimate Stencil" and applied the ultimate stencil to draw them out.  IT WAS SO EASY!!!  Thank you so much.  I love the possibility of endless designs but most important that I could make the design easily fit the size of my 9 1/2" blocks.

I have attached a couple of pictures with one of the design blocks and then a portion of the quilt in the process with one of the stars that I also used the ultimate stencil to make.

I am not showing off my quilting ability as it is only 1 year in the learning, but the ability to use the stencil.  Thank you so much."

Kathy Autry

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