Saturday, September 5, 2015

Featuring Sue Jennings!

I received an email this morning letting me know about the beautiful work of Sue Jennings and her work on vintage linens.  Of course I had to immediately check out her blog and asked if I could feature her work because I know you would LOVE it!  One of the really cool parts of this quilt is she used The Ultimate Stencils to draft our her middle medallion and used the Ultimate Backgrounds for her filler work.

Thank you, Sue, for your beautiful work and allowing me to share you with the world.  I have copied her blog post below...

Hugs, Cindy :)

"I am quilting my second old tablecloth.  I learned an awful lot from quilting the first one.  There are challenges not always faced with something I have pieced myself.  It is usually square for a start!

 This tablecloth is posing some new head scratching.  There are lace inserts and lace at the corners of the tablecloth.  Solution:  I've backed the tablecloth with pink cotton so the wadding doesn't poke through.  The tablecloth has a slightly scalloped edge.  I am hoping that the pink cotton will give me a straight edge.

I don't want to quilt the lace, so plan to use small pearls to anchor the lace.  All of the above solutions have been gleaned from Cindy Needham.  I had a set of her background filler stencils arrive last week and so far I've used the Ultimate Circle centre template for the medallion motif, the medium clam shells for the medallion surround, the half inch grid for the gridwork in the centre and corners of the tablecloth.

It is all going very well.  I added some wool wadding behind the motifs for a trapunto effect.  The wadding layer is polyester.   I used my Westalee ruler foot extensively for all straight lines and medallion curves.  It's a godsend!

I'm having the best time!  Happy quilting all!"

Sue Jennings


Sue Jennings said...

Thank you, Cindy! You are an inspiration!

QuiltShopGal said...

Wow. Double Wow. I'm absolutely drooling. Sue Jennings did a fantastic job. I'm delighted she agreed to let you share and thank you for doing so. Total #CreativeGoodness. I'm convinced there are unloved old linens dreaming of being quilted and loved by one of your Linen Ladies. What an absolute treasure Sue created.