Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Featuring Sue Jennings!!!!

I received this beautiful photo and story in my emails yesterday and just KNEW I had to share Sue with all of you...isn't this just beautiful!!!!  Sue visits us from Kent, England and says she took up patchwork only three years ago.  Her New Year's resolution this year was to get to grips with FMQ with the aim of machine quilting a wholecloth by the end of the year.  I think she succeeded, don't you???  Here's her story and more photos below.   Thank you Sue!  Gorgeous work!!!

"The tablecloth was a very inexpensive buy as it had a hole in the centre.  I thought the embroidered butterflies were pretty, so wanted to make something useful from it. 

I mended the hole and then covered it with strategically placed lace butterflies.  I drew some flowers on the quilt using a Frixion pen (using simple shapes that I hoped would look good when quilted) and used your Ultimate Stencils for the shape of the centre medallion. 

I used your Ultimate Backgrounds for the clam shells around the medallion and the 3/4" grid.

Once I had quilted the daylights out of it, I used your triple line background stencil for the outside border.  I think it gives an elegant look to the outside edge of the quilt.

I quilted this on my little, old Bernina 1008.  I think she deserves a rest for a couple of days!  I am still very new to FMQ but am having fun! "

 Regards, Sue 

2 comments: said...

Stunning and incredible just don't quite cover how wonderful this quilt is. . .but, those two descriptive words are in the neighborhood of how looking at her quilt made me ooooh and awe!!!

Laceflower said...

Wow, what an achievement! Testament to jumping in and doing it.