Monday, December 28, 2015

Updated Ultimate Stencil Handbook

I am in the midst of creating new classroom easel demos and class instructions on using The Ultimate Stencils.  I wanted to let you know that I just revised the free handbook that is available on my website in case you're interested.

I simplified it a LOT making it much easier to understand...I hope.  By focusing on one design, a simple Lemoyne Star, and then showing you how to add to it, I believe has made it easier to understand.
I have been encouraging everyone to draft their designs on the paper Master Grids first and then transfer the designs to their quilt top using the Ultimate Stencils as their guide.  For me it's hard to visualize how a design will look on a quilt when you only see it on the paper. 

I've been using some clear vinyl sheets with the Ultimate Stencil guides marked with a Sharpie marker and they are SO much better.  I lay these vinyl sheets on top of my quilt top and instead of marking my design on the paper Master Grids, I am marking my design with a dry erase marker directly on the vinyl Master Grids.  I can easily see what the design will look like on the quilt. 

These vinyl sheets are time intensive to create and I may have come up with a solution.  I will be testing out a thin plastic sheet that can have the Ultimate Stencil guides permanently printed on them.  You should be able to use the dry erase markers on them too.  Keeping my fingers crossed it will work.  If so, I plan on creating a whole bunch of these and will offer them for sale.  I'm trying to do this in the most economical way possible to keep it affordable for all of us.

I'm looking forward to the New Year and all the cool new things that come with a fresh start.  My first engagement will find me in St. George, Utah for Quilt St. George and then a week later I'll be at one of my favorite quilt shows of all, Road to California.

Big Hugs, Cindy :)

2 comments: said...

Cindy, I'm liking the thin plastic sheets with the master grids already printed on them. What a great idea!

Laceflower said...

I did make the vinyl sheet master grids, didn't take very long but boy are they a great tool. Seeing right on your quilt what it will look like has it all over doing it on paper. thanks so much for this tools and tips.