Friday, March 18, 2016

International Quilt Week!!!

Celebrate International Quilting Weekend by joining the party at The Quilt Show!  Prizes are waiting to be won and you can see over 200 shows for FREE at    Everything is free this weekend and you can indulge in some fabulous shows. 

I have filmed two different shows for Alex and Ricky.  My first was episode #202.  I am ever-so-thankful for this particular show as it showed the world for the very first time my  baby steps at creating the linen wholecloth quilts.  My life was forever changed.  Ricky made the remark at the end of the show to "pack my suitcases" and boy was he ever right...they've been packed ever since.  My second episode was #1606 and shows how far my quilts have come since that first episode was filmed.

I will have a featured exhibit in Houston this year on the linen wholecloth quilts and I am VERY PROUD to say that The Quilt Show is my co-sponsor for this exhibit.  How cool is that???!!!

Hugs, Cindy :)

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