Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quilt Shop Gal's Ultimate Free Motion Quilting Challenge!

I have known "Quilt Shop Gal", aka "Sew Cal Gal" for many years and have always been VERY impressed with the amount of time and effort she unselfishly devotes to educating and challenging quilters of all levels. 

I first met her when I attended Diane Gaudynski's workshop at Asilomar several years ago when she embarked on her very own personal free motion quilting challenge.  She went on a year-long  journey where she set out to learn as much as she possibly could about free motion quilting from all types of instructors expanding her quilting and designing skills at the same time.

I was honored to have been invited to participate in a previous FMQ challenge she hosted a few years ago and am thrilled that she is once again featuring my Ultimate Stencils in yet another challenge she refers to as a "Linky Party" (LP).    LP#1 was for those quilters with past projects using The Ultimate Stencils.  LP #2 will raise awareness and inspiration with quilters sharing their doodles/sketches for both of my stencil collections.  The 3rd LP will be for those that create with my stencils this summer.  And not only is this a great quilting challenge she also has great prizes to win too!

If you're interested, please click on THIS LINK to be taken to the Linky Party headquarters!

Quilt Shop Gal also shared a blog post by Karin in Australia where she shared her beautiful quilt created with The Ultimate Stencil as well as The Ultimate Backgrounds.  CLICK HERE to be taken to her post.

I just have to throw in a little teaser here!  I've come up with another fabulous little stencil that I'm calling The Ultimate Shape.  You will be able to use this special shape to create hundreds of block and border designs.   I am having it cut into four different sizes, i.e., 2", 4", 6" and 8". 
Quilting Creations is in the midst of cutting these and I am anticipating having a "Blessing Sale" in the middle of July to launch these to the world.  This set will come with it's own free design book that will get the creative juices flowing.

If you are already participating in Quilt Shop Gal's Linky Party, or plan to join soon, please email me and share photos of your work.  I would love to share what you you've come up with!

Hugs, Cindy :)



Karin said...

Hi Cindy...thanks for posting my humble quilt on your blog. I was actually going to send you a photo but you beat me too it. Slight correction...the centre stencil is from your Craftsy class. I combined this with the Ultimate Background stencils. I took your ' you are the boss of your quilt' very seriously and changed the center a bit and did my own thing. Absolutely loved doing this which I did not expect as there obviously was a lot of repetition. I reckon I am totally hooked. Working on another project which uses the Ultimate Stencil. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with the world. Very curious about the new Ultimate Shape.

Karen said...

This is beautiful Karin! I loved that you challenged yourself and made this your own. And an Ultimate Shape? Hmmm....watching, waiting, curious.... said...

Ultimate shape eh? Sounds interesting!!