Friday, December 19, 2008

Linda's First Linen Quilt!

Linda Rickman from Paradise, CA is one of my students and has been emailing me over the past few weeks for help on her first linen quilt. She emailed me this morning with pictures of her now finished project. She has learned first hand how never-square, never straight linens can post special challenges :) I have copied her story below~

In my small quilt group we do a gift exchange each year and this year I drew Pam H. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I had taken a Quilting Design class with Cindy in November and was fired up again about the Vintage Linen Quilting. Well I surfed on Ebay to see if there was anything that would give me inspiration and lo and behold I found a vintage towel with embroidery and the monogram letter "H" for Pam's last name. Got the piece and knew right away I wanted to do a medallion in the center and hoped the rest of the design would "come" to me. The towel had a couple of stains on it that I soaked out using Smashing White an Amway product. That
came out and I marked the piece totally and then realized that I had centered the medallion to the whole cloth without looking at where it centered on the embroidery. It was about 3/4" off center, so I soaked out all of the blue marking and re-did it. I just planned on cross hatching in the centers of the boxes around the main medallion, but it just needed I scribbled. I ran into trouble as the piece originally had a satin stitch hem on both sides and they were not straight. I did some tight meandering around the edges in the hopes of pulling the fabric in, but it still was very wavy. When I finished the center boxes were too puffy so I did another stitching in their centers. When trimming the piece I ended
up trying to center around the medallion and decided to live with the fact that it is off center in the embroidery on the bottom. I amincluding a photo of the before I trimmed the piece and after. I can hardly wait to see my friend open it today and to start my next piece.

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