Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Inspiration from Julie

I received this wonderful email and photos from Julie Sefton this morning and wanted to share~

Dear Cindy

I've attached 3 photos of a just-finished project ~ the vintage printed table runner was my mother's. Where she got it I have no idea, but it was part of every childhood Christmas I remember. Growing up, I was so proud when she finally allowed me to iron it before it was put out in December.

Over the years, it has been washed and used and had become very limp and stretchy; so I asked my long arm quilty friend, Chris, ( to help me turn it into a quilted table runner (thus extending its life and bringing new purpose to its existence).

I was just delighted when Chris returned the piece ~ her lovely freemotion work created the sensation of swirling snow ~ absolutely perfect!

The other items in the photo include the ceramic Christmas tree given to us by a dear little lady who lived down the street from my childhood home when we married 33 years ago; a pair of chalkware choir boys purchased by my husband as a young teenager for his grandmother; my grandfather's old radio (he loved to tell the story of how they clustered around it listening to the broadcast, later learned to be a hoax, about the invasion from outer space); and a pieced kaleidoscope titled Morning Song that I created during one of my first classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School several years ago.

LOVE visiting your blog ~ so many wonderful ideas!


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