Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ricci's Quilt~Part Two

I spent a wonderful day today with my family celebrating my first granddaughter's 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Miss Chloe!

After the two hour drive back home, I'm snugged up at my machine again indulging in some stolen hours to quilt. I wanted to show you something I call sunshine and shadow. The center areas of the feathered hearts are featured here. I have marked diagonal grid throughout the entire quilt. In the center of the hearts I decided to turn the gridwork into cathedral windows.

When you look at most of my quilts you will see that the main designs such as feathers, cables, etc. are raised and catch the light...I call this "sunshine". In order to have sunshine you have to have shadow. I have a technique that I love to use which is called scribbling. It is SOOOO merely do very small meandering or stippling but you must cross the lines. It provides a beautiful shadow to all of your sunshine designs. If you want detailed instructions on this please email me and I can send it to you as an attachment.

Look at how a little detail work has changed this feathered heart!

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